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The Outfitter Difference

Outfitter Manufacturing, Inc. continuously Innovates and embraces advancements in the RV Industry.

Industry’s First Basement

Outfitter Apex and Juno models are the only pop-up truck campers in the industry to feature basements. Basement storage allows fresh water and holding tank capacity to increase by 70 percent and prevents tank contents from freezing - a common problem with most self-contained truck campers having externally mounted holding tanks. Storing the tanks in the basement lowers the camper’s center of gravity making it less tipsy and safer to use. Basement storage also increases the overall height of the camper making the Outfitter Apex the only pop-up truck camper with a shower that allows you to stand fully upright while inside.

Fiberglass Exterior

In comparison to free standing free molded composite exteriors, which is only a shell loose hung over a wood frame, our molded fiberglass provides a perfectly flat surface area to laminate the camper frame to. Thus, providing more rigidity and support to the camper’s walls. With its ten-year guarantee against UV fading, our fiberglass is of the highest quality. Most other fiberglass (ribbed or flat and especially free standing free molded composite shell) begins to fade within one to two years.


Instead of the standard bead foam that most RV manufacturers use for insulation, Outfitter uses rigid, Dow® block foam insulation in our frames to provide increased structural strength that bead foam cannot. Block foam insulation gives Outfitter campers nearly double the insulating factor of any other camper made today. Block foam insulation is standard equipment on all Outfitter Camper models.

Aluminum Frame, Vacuum-Bonded Composite Walls

Vacuum-bonded composite walls (Caribou Lite and Caribou models) set the highest standard for durability in the industry. The framing and vacuum-bonding processes require higher degrees of precision and attention to detail than traditional wood-framing processes. While most RV manufacturers are still framing campers with wood or even Coosa that is only stapled together at the joints (with the better manufacturers laminating the outside surface to the frame vs. loose hung shells), every Outfitter begins as a double welded aluminum frame. Aluminum provides a rigid and durable base around which to build the unit while also making it lighter (compared to wood frames) so that a larger camper can be placed on a truck while still staying within the truck’s payload capacity. Once the walls have been double welded, they are put into a vacuum press where each wall is bonded under 1,080 lbs. of pressure per square inch creating a solid one-piece composite structure. And aluminum frames leave no room for water to collect and are not susceptible to rot which destroys many wood-framed campers (even the newest models) from the inside out.

True Composite Foam Core Roof

Outfitter uses a True Composite Foam Core Roof, transforming the roof into a one-piece membrane that virtually eliminates all possibilities for leaks. The fiberglass roof material is maintenance free and more puncture-resistant than the most commonly used rubber roof material (EPDM), and it will not scuff, chalk, or grow mold. Outfitter True Composite Foam Core Roofs are completely hail-proof. Flat RV roofs hold snow and rain which can eventually cause them to collapse. Outfitter True Composite Foam Core Roofs, however, are constructed in a crown shape that allows snow and rain to roll off rather than collect. Our Composite roof is called a “True Composite Foam Core Roof” because it is not a fiberglass shell glued to a wood frame like our competitors. The True Composite Foam Core Roof is standard equipment on the Caribou, Apex, and Juno models.

Insulated Soft-Walls

Our soft-walls are guaranteed to hold 65 degrees Fahrenheit inside the camper even while it is -20 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Our soft-walls are made from Weblon, a product that, unlike most others, will not mildew, rot, or crack from constant temperature changes or cold temperatures. Our soft-wall has a 12-year UV warranty. It is fully insulated and double-stitched to prevent leaking.