Those who know me know how every winter I plan a long Baja trip.  My plans are always the same:  be like Jimmy on the beach.  Find that perfect spot, drink lots of Margs, ride my KTM, and hit the Baja 1000.

Africa - an 8 Month Journey!

In July '07, Peter and Jill had us ship an Outfitter Caribou to them in the UK.  Where they go from there is the adventure they've dreamed of ...

Share the adventures of Silversand and Silverdunes

Their journeys are as engaging and entertaining as they are educational. 

It's worth clicking the link below and submurse yourself into some amazing journeys around our great country ...

Life Adventures

Jesse picked up his Apex from us, and from there his life has been a steady stream  of life changing adventures from Alaska to Brazil - and beyond.