Outfitter Caribou lite 6.5 vs. Fourwheel Hawk 


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  Outfitter Caribou lite C6.5 Fourwheel Hawk
Construction MSRP $14,495 MSRP $12,995
Structure Vacuum bonded aluminum frame to LamiLux Aluminum frame with loose hung aluminum skin, fiberglass optional (+ $650.00)
Roof aluminum frame with vacuum bonded aluminum skin aluminum frame with mechanical fastened aluminum skin
Outside skin LamiLux aluminum
Soft wall Polystyrene insulated Weblon (3 layer std) Single layer Vinyl optional insulation (Arctic Package + $475.00)
Lift system torsion assisted push manual push (Gas Strut Roof Lift assist + $250.00)
Floor sides Marine Plywood Marine Plywood
Counter tops Granite Coat Balsa Core Counter Tops Formica Counter Tops
Cabinet doors Birch laminated plywood
Cabinets Birch laminated plywood
width 83" 80"
travel height 59.5" with roof vents 59"
camping height 83.5" 83"
cab over bed to ceiling height 28" 27"
weight w/ standard features 850lbs w/ standard features 895lbs without a heater, refrigerator, jacks, fantastic fan, front window, and Insulated Softwall
cg 23" from front wall 52" from front wall
water tank size 24 gallon 20 gallons
Side Dinette Seating Standard Optional (+ $500.00)
4 corner Mechanical Jacks Standard Optional (+ $695.00)
Smooth Fiberglass Exterior Siding LamiLux Standard Optional (+ $650.00)
3-way Refrigerator 1.9 cu.ft. (AC/DC/LP) Standard Optional (+ $795.00)
Forced Air Furnace w/ Thermostat 16k btu Standard Optional ( + $595.00)
Fan-Tastic Power Roof Vent Fan 1 Standard Optional ( + $295.00)
Screen Door Standard Optional ( + $235.00)
Front Opening Window Standard Optional ( + $195.00)
Artic Package Polystyrene Insulated Weblon (3 layers Standard) Optional ( + $475.00)
Camper Battery System 24 Series battery Standard Optional ( + $395.00)
Roof Lift Assist Torsion Assisted Roof lift integrated into Lift System (Standard) Optional ( + $250.00) Gas Strut Roof Lift Assists
Frame Vacuum Bonded Aluminum Frame to LamiLux All Aluminum Flex-Frame with Aluminum Siding Stapled On
Extended Cabover Bed Standard  Queen Bed Standard Queen Bed
Interior Birch Finished Wood Interior
Dinette Table Granite Coat Balsa Core Dinette Table Standard 3 Piece Portable Dining Table
Side Dinette Seating Standard Roll Over Couch Seating Standard, Side Dinette Optional ( + $500.00)
Counter Tops Granite Coat Balsa Core Counter Tops with integrated Sink Stainless Kitchen Sink in Formica Counter Tops
Privacy Curtains Standard Standard
Kitchen Sink w/ Electric Water Pump Integrated Granite Coat Sink w/ Electric Water Pump Standard Stainless Kitchen Sink w/ Electric Water Pump
Propane Stove w/ Cover 3 Burner Propane Stove w/ Cover 2 Burner Propane Stove w/ Cover
Refrigerator 3-Way 1.9 cu.ft. (AC/DC/Propane) Standard Ice Box or Storage Cabinet Standard, any Refrigerator Optional
Converter 45 amp Progressive Dynamics Converter w/ 3 stage charge wizard 110v Electrical System w/ 30 amp Power Converter
Roof Lighting Two Overhead Dual Lamp 12v Lights and Two Overhead Single Lamp 12v Lights Two Overhead Dual Lamp 12v Lights
Roof Vent 1 Fan-tastic Power Roof Vent Fan AND 1 non-powered roof vent Standard 1 Non powered roof vent Standard.  Optional Fan-tastic (+ $295.00)
Aluminum Exterior Sides and Roof LamiLux High Gloss Fiberglass Exterior and Aluminum Roof Aluminum Exterior Sides and Roof Standard, Fiberglass Optional (+ $650.00)
Floor Structure Vacuum Bonded Aluminum Frame To Marine Plywood (Insulated)  Standard Marine Plywood, Not Insulated
Ability to Walk on Roof in Down Position Yes Not Recommended by Fourwheel
Camping Off Truck Yes, You can camp in camper and walk on floor of camper unsuported from outside (ie, not on truck or some sort of floor support) No, Not without supporting the floor with some sort of platform
LED Option yes yes
Solar Option yes yes
A/C Option yes/roof mounted none
TOTAL Price with our Standard Features $14,495 $18,075.00